A New You Awaits.

Non Invasive

Taking care of your little ones is no easy feat and has you running around at all hours. While you may take care of yourself, your skin may need additional pampering that can help you achieve an overall refreshed and more youthful appearance. Maybe you’ve gained some worry lines across your forehead or maybe you have areas of hyperpigmentation that appeared on your cheeks during pregnancy. Dr. Farah Naz Khan provides several noninvasive, or nonsurgical options, to help your skin look and feel its very best. Whether that means treatment with Botox®/Dysport® to erase away some wrinkles or chemical peels to even out your skin tone, Dr. Khan will customize your REAL Mommy Makeover to include the best nonsurgical treatment(s) for you!


Botox®/Dysport® are botulinum treatments that relax your facial muscles to help soften dynamic wrinkles in your forehead, around your eyes, and/or between your eyebrows (the dreaded “elevens”). The end result? A more refreshed and less tired or angry looking you! For more information, visit Dr. Khan’s website here.


Chemical Peels remove the outer, damaged layer of your skin to help minimize wrinkles and even out your skin tone. If you’re looking to put your best face forward with healthy appearing, radiant skin, Dr. Khan can formulate a chemical peel for your REAL Mommy Makeover. Learn more about chemical peels here.


Facial Fillers can plump up your lips or enhance the curves and contours of your face by adding volume. Popularly known as Juvederm® or Restylane®, Dr. Khan offers the full variety of dermal fillers to help you achieve the look you want. Learn more about how facial fillers can be incorporated into your REAL Mommy Makeover here.


Venus Legacy™ treatments are the latest technology for those who need skin tightening but are not ready to undergo surgery. Perhaps you have areas of cellulite/skin dimpling along your thighs or a small amount of wrinkling/loose skin along your lower abdomen. If you’re looking for tighter appearing skin and noninvasive body contouring, Venus Legacy™ treatments can help! To learn more, visit Dr. Khan’s website here.


BioTE hormone replacement therapy is a minimally invasive treatment option for hormonal imbalance. Hormones found in BioTE pellets are derived from natural plant sources and replicate the body’s optimal hormone levels; making this one of the most effective and safe forms of imbalance therapy. Benefits of BioTE include relief of menopause symptoms, increased energy, mental clarity, and much more. Learn more about BioTE therapy here.