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Breast Procedures

Perhaps the first place most women notice a change in their body after pregnancy and breast-feeding is in the appearance of their breasts. Maybe they look deflated and saggy or maybe they are much larger than you’d like. Dr. Farah Naz Khan specializes in breast aesthetic plastic surgery and can help you achieve the look you want! Whether that means a 24 hour recovery® breast augmentation or a breast lift or reduction to improve the shape of your breasts, Dr. Khan will customize your REAL Mommy Makeover to include the breast procedure(s) best suited for you!

Breast Augmentations are one of the most requested procedures after pregnancy. If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts and are looking for fuller breasts, then this is the procedure for you! Dr. Khan is well known for her 24 hour recovery® breast augmentation, a meticulous surgical technique that minimizes chest wall trauma and pain and allows you to resume normal activities within 24 hours of surgery. To learn more about this amazing procedure, continue reading about breast augmentations here.

Breast Lifts are another popular REAL Mommy Makeover option since pregnancy and breast-feeding can cause loose skin and saggy appearing breasts. If you’re looking for a perkier or more youthful appearance of your breasts, a breast lift can help tighten and elevate your breasts. You can learn more about breast lifts on Dr. Khan’s website  here.

Breast Reductions are often necessary when the large size of your breasts limits your activities and causes physical discomfort. To help make your breasts more proportional to your body shape and size, a breast reduction reduces breast volume by removing excess skin and tissue. Learn more about breast reductions by visiting Dr. Khan’s website here.

Breast revisions may be a great option if you’ve had breast implants for a while and just aren’t happy with the size or feel of your breasts after pregnancy or breast-feeding. Depending on why you are unhappy with your implants, the breast revision portion of your REAL Mommy Makeover can be tailored to address your concerns. This may include exchanging the implants, removing scar tissue, changing the location of the implants, and/or revising the breast implant pocket. Learn more about how Dr. Khan performs breast revisions here.